Tuesday, May 09, 2006


on saturday 6th May 2006, i went to Adidas HQ Damansara with hubby (my bro-in-law's office).. we got an invitation for that sample sale.. feel so excited bout it.. grab many shoes, from infant to women shoes. infant shoes ayue and dot have booked them.. coz dot is now pregnant with twins, and the infant shoes that i grabbed that day are just nice for her twins..hihi.. same colour but different design.. so.. sesape yg interested to buy shoes for their baby bolehlah.. sbb kasut for 1 year old baby pon ada.. comel2 gitu..ni bukan nak promote tp mmg cute!!.. rugi tak beli sbb kat butik lagi mahal.. i jual murah ler sikit..huhuk...meh kiter sama2 tgk gambo yerr..
haa.. tak teruja ker??.. let me tell you the price.. for infant/newborn shoes sorry to say, dah sold out.. but for kids tu yg sederet kat depan tu RM100 only.. yg 2nd row tu size 5 1/2.. syg sgt filla tak muat!! muat tp ngam2 jer.. so sesaper yg pakai sport shoes size 5 1/2 rugi tak amik.. price from RM100++ to RM170.. dah lupa dah sbb price utk kasut size 51/2 tu tak sama.. kene check balik.. yang putih ada bola atas kasut tu papa radie nyer.. bola kenit nyer.. not for sale.. heheh..

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