Wednesday, April 05, 2006

finally.. our new sofa..

really love this sofa.. love the colour and d design.. sikit2 bawak msk furniture.. we think it's suitable for our 'cute' house.. managed to take this 3 seater sofa & just mix n match.. our next plan is to chage the old fan to d new one.. hate the ookk-eeek-oook-eek sound!! Kasih nak tido pon susah.. heheh.. once everything is done, we planned to invite friends mkn2.. skrg pun umah still x siap lagi.. malu jerrr.. heheh.. come have a look... jeng..jeng...jeng...


papa and kasih

cant live without both of u.. huahaha.. geli jerrr..

si kenit dah letih... heheh

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happy2gether said...

bestla kan dah pindah umah sendiri...mai sewa ni dah maleh nak hias2...thn dpn la masa pindah puchong perdana nanti...baru puas nak mengecat..tapi sofa pakai yg lama jek...ehhehe...