Thursday, November 29, 2007


Name one person who made you laughed last night?
Rosyam nor…(was watching Iris last nite)..hehe.. (cemana aku nk kasi kaler pink ni mai?)

What were you doing at 0800?
running like hell to punch card (in the office)..

What were you doing 30 minutes ago?
at my boss’s parking space..parked my car and put on lipstick..auwww..hehe

What happened to you in 2006?
bz wif my kasih aleeya…

What was the last thing you said out loud?
"so what if I don’t wanna cook??”

How many beverages did you have today?
a must have…nescafe in d morning..thats all..

What color is your hairbrush?
don’t know.. so many including kasih’s.. huhuuu..

What was the last thing you paid for?
my kueyteow ladna and 3 in 1 nescafe..

Where were you last night?
watching tv.. where else can I go wif a bz like hell hubby?arghhh tensenn gue..

What color is your front door?
Cream.. (I guess so?)

Where do you keep your change?

What's the weather like today?

What's the best ice-cream flavour?
Chocolate and vanilla..

What excites you?
Kasih Aleeya and lepaking..

Do you want to cut your hair?
I’m confused.. I don’t know what’s the best for me.. short? Long? I’m so damn lazy to take care of my own hair…huhhh

Are you over the age of 25?
I’m 28…

Do you talk a lot?
Sometimes I cant stop but sometimes I’m so quiet..

Do you watch the O.C.?

Do you know anyone named Steven?
Who’s steven?

Do you make up your own words?….

Are you a jealous person?
definitely not… I keep wondering why? Am I normal?

Name a friend whose name starts with the letter 'A'.
Same with mai… must be ayue…

Name a friend whose name starts with the letter 'K'.
Kasih..can arr?? She’s my daughter and she’s my friend...heheh aci ker?

Who's the first person on your received call list?

What does the last text message you received say?
Alamak..i’ve deleted the last message..but I forgot who smsed me?

Do you chew on your straw?
Aiyo…no lah.. byk lagi mende lain nak chew..

Do you have curly hair?
I really wish but I don’t have..uwaaaa…

Where's the next place you’re going to?
Bandung? I guess so..

Who's the rudest person in your life?
ermmm..i cant think…

What was the last thing you ate?
Kueyteow ladna…

Will you get married in the future?
I don’t know… I cant see what will happen in the future…but for now..i’m married...

What's the best movie you’ve seen in the past 2 weeks?
None…(I’m not a movie lover)sleeping is my priority..

Is there anyone you like right now?
right now? the past yes..

When was the last time you did the dishes?
Last nite..

Are you currently depressed?
huh… I guess yes.. I’m so depressed…

Did you cry today?

Why did you answer and post this?
mai tagged me.. and I feel like sharing with her..auewwww…

Tag 5 people who would do this tag. (kalo rajin buat lah...)
I've nobody in my mind... sesaper lahhhh...heheheh

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


today, after i viewed ayue's blog.. feel like i wanna start blogging again..kahkahkah.. sbb ada story to be shared with friends... who's very close to me tau lahhh aper citer... it's all about X-Rel... today is 30th May 2007... and the important day is just round d corner.. it's my final x-rel.. went for an audition long time ago.. in March if im not mistaken.. that time radie just finished shooting for 2nd episode of x-rel.. KALAH ok!! heheh... so when i got the chance to attend the audition of x-rel.. i didnt miss the chance.. anny was in my mind!! i know she's the best partner for this kind of games... and she proved it!! we went for the audition.. so many stupid questions.. and we did answer it.. told her to really be ourself.. dont pretend.. and the fact is mmg ktorang ni bodo2, kelaka2 sikit.. very d sporting.. no matter what they wanted us to do.. they asked me to sing.. hello???.. i never sing infront of people ok?! but i did it.. i sang 'kenangan terindah' by samsons... huahahh.. semangat siot.. they asked anny to dance.. and she dance like org gila...kahkah... guess what..semua ketawa pecah perot!! they said they need characters.. and we have it.. yeayyyyy after a few days..we received a call from them...asking us to come for briefing session..... yahooo..masuk tv..heheeh..(glabah nyer aku!!)
28th March is our turn... i took leave.. and be at KL Central (Starting point).. Awal is the host.. hehe..comel gak Awal nie..there are 3 teams including us.. and we decided to name our team as REDAH!! sbb x leh letak nama omputih.. program tv1 babe... so no matter what we will just redah...heheh.. so meh nak story pasal 1st round of x-rel..
28 March 2007 (1st round)

we started at KL Central.. and the other teams are 'JANTANSSS' ok... we are the only female team... we got the first task..we have to go to PWTC and eat...guess what?? ni ala2 fear factor ok!! tengkuk ayam, tongkeng ayam, telur ikan, sotong katak yg kaler itam siap ink2 lagik!! yg hanya direbus ala2 sahaja ok.... there we gooo.. before that we've to x-change train at Masjid Jamek.. and we're not allowed to use escalator..only stairs.. mcm nk tecabut kaki aku!!.. eating time..haha.. telan,,telan dan telan.. sampai nak ku tahan!!.. after we finished the task..we got the 2nd task.. now we hv to go to tmn jaya station and run to ampcorp mall..buat kapal terbang kertas... aper lagik... lariiiii.. after we finished that task we got the 3rd we've to go to Central Market and search for Pn. Khalijah.. they only gave her name.. bayangkan arr.. meraban carik satu CM.. rupanya we've to sell packs of kerepek..kelam kelibut jual..luckily we sold them to kakak2 who ate at secret recipe..thank you kak!!! hehe.. then ran and ran to complete the last task.. we ran from CM to Masjid Jamek.. disitulah aku pancit dgn teroknyer!! huahah.. for ur guys info.. 3 teams compete giler baban.. till task 4.. we've to go to pasar dato' keramat and as usual searching for someone named shukri.. giler ker??pasar tu kan besar?..mcm org gila lagi skali mencari... at last we found en. shukri..jual roti canai ghopernyer.. we tried our best to beat the other teams during buat roti canai.. and alhamdulilah we finished making our very cute roti canai faster than them.. aper lagi... cabut...(finishing at station bandaraya, sogo) penat jgn ckp arrr.. mcm nk mati!!.. naik train, go to masjid jamek to change to STAR... giler nyer nervous masa nie.. anytime dorang leh sampai.. luckily the train came (the 2 teams were downstairs buying tickets okkk!!) and we won episode 5 n qualified to go to semifinal..... to be frank, we're so damn proud because we are the only female team qualified to go to semifinal.. there are all 9 teams.. (jgn pandang rendah kat pompuan okkk!!)

14th May 2007 (Semifinal)

as usual started at KL Central...the other 2 teams are all the macho2 men..encem2..gegarrr siott... the first task-go to singing shop at ampcorpmall-.. ran and ran.. first2 dah kantoi..ticket aku ilang!! boley?.. i think i didnt take it back.. i just insert the ticket..bodo tul aku.. tp ok kat tmn jaya station dorang lepaskan jer ktorang pegi... as we reached singing shop.. we were asked to choose one song (duet) and we've to practice with a professional vocal teacher.. then we've to perform in front of 3 judges, infront of all the participants, the cameraman, the directors..kepala hotak dia!! i never sing infront of people ok.. during practice the teacher always, ur pitching is out!! no, not high note..low note pls.. u cannot sing...u've to listen carefully with ur left ear... (kalo korang jadi aku, korang pressure tak??).. i feel down, down down....till i feel like 'what the f_ck is going on here??? this is not a singing contest,, i just wanna run and win this game..i dont wanna sing!! but whatever it is i must do it for our team.. sorry anny... hehe..the teacher asked us to changed to other from Jika-Melly we changed to Teman tapi Mesra - Ratu.. the simplest song (kata org tu lah) bagi aku susah gak!! i was so emotionally depressed.. we had fight (me and anny).. and i end up crying.. nangis sambil gaduh ok.. semua kat situ dah takut ngan kitorang.. cameraman plak x melepaskan peluang shoot muka aku yg cantikkkk ni tgh nangis!!! u guys jgn tak tgk nanti.. rugi!! bkn senang nk tgk aku nangis..huahahha...after the 2 teams finished singing (they are superb ok.. sedap giler..aku tak tipu) lagi ler memberi tekanan kat aku!!! siolll tul... then our turn came.. i sing like hell.. bodo giler.. the judges asked them to stop the music..and we need to practice again with our vocal teacher.. aku mcm buat muka ceria.. 'ok thank you'..malu malu... and team lain dah blah... penalty about 10-15 minutes.. huuhuu.. pas dah perform 2nd time baru we got 2nd task.. aku ngan anny x betegur.. buat hal masing2.. arghhh aku tension.. we went back to kl central and took komuter to go to kl station..we met 1 team at kl central.. yeayyy.. (ada chance) hehe.. kl komuter we were asked to finish 9 politerin full of watermelon.. logik ke?? pastu kene finish a cup per person limau diblend ngan kulit, asam jawa, halia..ntah aper haram lagi tah.. pelan2 kayuh.. dah kene tinggal lagi.. dorang dah blah.. 3rd task, we ve to go to Jln masjid india kena buat kalung bunga india kat stall kat sana.. to make it short.. we beat them during buat bunga.. lariiiii mcm org giler..tecicir our cameraman and team director.. we've to go from masjid jamek station to kelana jaya station and take feeder bus to cineleisure/the curve.. we left them yahoooo... sampai station feeder bus to x der bus nk jalan.. panic mcm pompuan giler.. anytime dorang sampai.. aper lagiiii..we asked the driver to go.. (u know girls have power in things like this..hehe)so sampai ler kat last task main saidina bapak nyer besar.. the rules are we've to buy lands, 4 houses and 1 hotel.. aku baling dadu anny begerak.. from tapak ke tapak.. after we bought 4 houses,, the 2 teams came.. arghh..ktorang jadik pompuan giler lagi.. tetekan!!! dah baling nyer baling.. rezki kami kot.. kami berjaya beli hotel kat tapak rumah tu... lariiiiii lagi carik finishing.. awal was ready waiting for us.. panik siot.. carik tak jumpa plak!! at last jumpa lahhhh.. Alhamdulilah.. we proved that we as women can take the challenged and we won..
we were qualified to go to the very last stage..FINAL... we've to beat men again.. final date is on the 11th June.. pray for us.. wish us luck.. we'll do our very best.. but we will not underestimate the other teams..we know that they are gud, they are just like us, full of spirits.. it's only luck and effort.. the final will be much challenging than before.. we've to be mentally n physically ready.. InsyaAllah..

Wednesday, February 28, 2007


last nite we were watching movie... (dvd).. Mel Gibson's story.. mmg superb habis.. i give 5/5 star!!! citer APOCALYPTO... kasih pon tak kelip2 mata..till the end of the story tau dia tgk..filla mmg risau giler..sbb citer tu mmg ganas giler..stok pancung2 cabut jantung.. makkkk!!! how could i let my doter watch that kind of movie?.. tp mmg BEST BEST BEST!!!... u guys check it out..rugi x tgk.. hehehe..
pastu dulu smalam just to pamper myself..i bought a phillips hair curler (8 in 1) wahhh gitewww..heheh.. no big deal once in a while kiter nak memanjerkan diri kite... asik sibuk masak, kain..umah..anak..hubby..huhhh.. letih!! smlm try gak ler straight kan rambut.. kasih dok usha jerk..hehehe..
tetiba lak teringat kat kasih.. aper lah... i miss u ler kasih..hehe.. ntahler.. i'm not kinda manja2 sgt ngan kasih.. tp sayang.. saper lah tak sayang anak?? kasih lately byk prangai dah.. tp so mencuit hatiku ini..heheh.. sometimes..biler filla x layan dia.. dia bediri pastu tetiba dia bediri senget2 mcm org tempang tu..siap buat mimik muka, mata pandang atas mulut sengetlah..ntah aper2..(try buat kelaka ler tu) mmg so funny lah!!! pastu kita gelak dia pon suker lah..heheh..
kasih dok dlm umah suker pakai kasut.. boley??? ko ingat ko anak mat salleh ker?? pakai kst dlm umah!!..radie belikan dia yellow boots kat carboot sale..clerks..baru rm15!! heh.. itu ler yg dia sibuk pakai.. sampai tido ok??? jgn ler cuba2 nak bukak..kecuali dia dah btl2 tido!!! she loves playing with balloons, balls, spoon, hanger, mangkuk.. i dont know why she has no interest kat teddy bear... (ini ikut prangai aku ler nie)

Friday, February 09, 2007


hari ni mmg hari yg membengangkan... rasa nak hangin jerk satu badan... tp tak tau pasal aper.. smlm gi hantar kasih kat umah nenek dia kat Shah Alam.. sbb nenek rindu sesangat.. sian gi ler least she can spend more time with nenek dier... kalo x kejap sgt..x puas!!excited giler dia ngan cousin2 dier.. main jer.. mama ngan papa nak balik pon senang jer..dia salam, dia kiss n dia bye... tp muka mcm blur skit.. berbelah bagi ker??? heheheh..
sampai jek umah putrajaya ada 'sesi membengangkan diri'... so boring jerk lah.. adusssss.... mlm ni plak dok lagi sengsorang.. papa kasih ada bola plak... adusss lagi sekali.... kalo kasih ada, ok gak.. ni kang..aku ni dah ler jenis penakut leh tahan... kang aku dok umah.. layan tv... mesti volume tu aku kuatkan.. pastu ada jek iklan2 yg mcm serammm sikit..cpt2 aku tkr channel.. leh gitu???... filla...fillaaaaa....(trok tul)
hari ni friday, semua aku plan x jadik..sedih ler nie.. tu yg tebawak2 bad mood aku nieh... rasa nak balik x nak keje pon ada gak nieh... MALASSSSSSSSSS...

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

hello bloggerss..

feel like i wanna start updating my blog again..dah kelua labah2 dah blog nie!!.. x tau kenapa hari ni rasa mcm syahdu jer.. sbb cuaca kot?? sejuk jer?.. i was thinking about my life.. in d past n in d future.. what am i gonna be in 10 yrs time?.. is my hubby still with me? how many children do i have? will i gain more n more weight?? arghh..
i am so lucky to live in this world, to share my life with radie and my kasih.. aku bersyukur sgt.. i know i'm not that 'good' to actually have them in my life..

'my radie'
*we never declare our love*we're bestfriends*dont know wheter he loves me more or i love him more(????)*imagine, we forgot our last year wedding anniversary!! i dont know who must be blamed.. coz we both forgot!!!oohhh??!!*he's a bad listener!!*a bit rough..*fussy*simple*mulut laser(i'm d only one yg could listen to him, pompuan lain confirm x thn)*very outspoken*adventurous*creative*the way he thinks definetely different from others( aper??)*he never show his love but i know he do care bout me(ada ke org x sayang bini?)..hehe*he knows what he wants, what he's doing and he dont care what people say bout him*

*i'm confused..alwiz n alwiz..*radie is not my first love, but he's d one who understands me better than any other guys in this whole world*i dont like complicated situation...will alwiz make things simple n easy...dont like to think.. (i'm a lazy mama)...*get bored easily*adventurous*giler*gambler*slalu kene tekanan prasaan..heheh*alhamdulilah jarang sgt gaduh ngan radie.. but when we fight.. it'll take only 5 to 30 minutes(x betegur)!! not more than that..(filla ni baik tau.. x suker gaduh lamer2 buang karennnn..x kuasa nak pujuk n kene pujuk)untung awak pa... heheh*there are certain things happened in my life that i cannot forget..trying very hard to forget but i just cant..*stubborn giler2 nyer*