Thursday, April 27, 2006

workshop for secretaries in Langkawi

just went back from Langkawi.. quiet tired but enjoy the trip.. the 4 days course seems interesting with a good speaker Pn. Yasmin(very kelakar)...and FYI this is the first time i didnt sleep with my kasih.. uwaaa.. rindu gilerr.. tp maintain lagi.. when i miss her, will call my mom and can hear her voice jerit2.. and during the course, my dear friend maizatul gave birth to her 3.1 kg baby girl!!!.. congratulations mama mai and papa zaimi.. as she didnt reply my sms i know that she must be struggling to deliver her baby...will visit u soon... maybe this saturday kot?.. ok, go back to my langkawi story.. bought some chocolates and minyak gamat. we went to makam mahsuri, and so surprised the place is totally chaged.. last time i came to langkawi was 13 yrs ago.. when i was 14yrs old..

landing time

view from our room

me-azza-kak liza


Tuesday, April 18, 2006


helloo.. anybody interested?? whoever wanna buy adidas original or adidas equipment stuff, u guys can call me or just leave ur comment okay?? heheh.. tp yg x kenal susah ler,, nanti nak amik cemana?? to ayue, mai, mimie, shidot... nak tak barang2 adidas for infants especially??.. shoes, snow cap (mcm kasih) kalo ada lah.. actually the sale will be on 6th May.. since my bro-in-law is working with Adidas, he is entitled to get invitation pass for the sale.. tp sikit jerlah.. one pass for 2 person.. i'll go with radie.. so sesaper nak baju, kasut (women n men), infants shoes or aper2 yg patut, socks, sweater, and so on.. filla penah gi dulu,, mmg best2 barang dia.. lagi2 yg adidas original.... ok guys... hit me back.. daaaa... antara contoh2 barang2 sample sale adidas ni...

adidas shoes for infants

comey tak?

hubby's snow cap

(ada lagi, tp tak amik gambo ler plak!!)

mama will fly to langkawi..byee..

i'm gonna attend a course/workshop in Langkawi on 22nd till 25th's called Professional Image workshop for secretaries..the programmes are quite interesting.. personal grooming, PR, corporate dressing, personal PR, dining etiquette.. we were asked to bring our make-up kit..hehe.. ni biasalah, nak suh melawa lah. aper lagi... best mmg best, but dont know if I can count on radie to take care of our kasih.. boley ker??.. hehe.. i'm gonna miss u kasih!! but i know she doesnt care much whether i'm around or not.. she's not kinda girl yg manja2.. she doesnt care who wanna take care of her as long as it's not sofea her cousin.. heheh.. tp tak tauler.. sedih gak biler dia tak kisah.. org nak manja2 ngan dia,, citt!!... 4 days.. lama siottt.. luckily the course will start on saturday.. so, on d weekend radie n kasih can spend time with nenek and atuk shah alam.. only on monday and tues with wan and atuk ampang.. tuesday night we'll meet again okay??!! the course will be held at Eagle Bay Langkawi,, and really hope that Mai will deliver her baby before 22nd!! haha.. sowiii mai.. suh ler baby kua on 21st leh?? so i can visit u on 21st before i go to Langkawi.. eh eh.. boley gitu?!!.. if the baby still wanna stay in your tummy, then wattodo.. biarkanlah diaa.. hehe.. kalo filla tak sompek nak tgk.. tungguuu.. jgn blk ipoh dulu...hehe.. neway biler blk? ooohh.. mai ada exam kan.. so u'll be here kan... wish u all the best!!!

Monday, April 10, 2006

FIFA World Cup 2006

papa bought adidas shoes+snow cap for kasih aleeya.. we chose brazil for kasih.. yg kelaka nyer,, nenek shah alam kata.."ooo,, ni sokong kedah ni!" heheheh.. ada ker kedah?! hehe...

ceria tak?

semalam gi alamanda, pastu ada makcik2 tu kata "eh.. ni bukan paha nie,, ini ubi kayu!!" hahah.. siott jer.. sian paha kasih..

-one, two, cheezeee-

kasih dah mcm jantan,, habislah anak aku 'dijantankan' oleh papanyerrr..

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

finally.. our new sofa..

really love this sofa.. love the colour and d design.. sikit2 bawak msk furniture.. we think it's suitable for our 'cute' house.. managed to take this 3 seater sofa & just mix n match.. our next plan is to chage the old fan to d new one.. hate the ookk-eeek-oook-eek sound!! Kasih nak tido pon susah.. heheh.. once everything is done, we planned to invite friends mkn2.. skrg pun umah still x siap lagi.. malu jerrr.. heheh.. come have a look... jeng..jeng...jeng...


papa and kasih

cant live without both of u.. huahaha.. geli jerrr..

si kenit dah letih... heheh