Wednesday, May 30, 2007


today, after i viewed ayue's blog.. feel like i wanna start blogging again..kahkahkah.. sbb ada story to be shared with friends... who's very close to me tau lahhh aper citer... it's all about X-Rel... today is 30th May 2007... and the important day is just round d corner.. it's my final x-rel.. went for an audition long time ago.. in March if im not mistaken.. that time radie just finished shooting for 2nd episode of x-rel.. KALAH ok!! heheh... so when i got the chance to attend the audition of x-rel.. i didnt miss the chance.. anny was in my mind!! i know she's the best partner for this kind of games... and she proved it!! we went for the audition.. so many stupid questions.. and we did answer it.. told her to really be ourself.. dont pretend.. and the fact is mmg ktorang ni bodo2, kelaka2 sikit.. very d sporting.. no matter what they wanted us to do.. they asked me to sing.. hello???.. i never sing infront of people ok?! but i did it.. i sang 'kenangan terindah' by samsons... huahahh.. semangat siot.. they asked anny to dance.. and she dance like org gila...kahkah... guess what..semua ketawa pecah perot!! they said they need characters.. and we have it.. yeayyyyy after a few days..we received a call from them...asking us to come for briefing session..... yahooo..masuk tv..heheeh..(glabah nyer aku!!)
28th March is our turn... i took leave.. and be at KL Central (Starting point).. Awal is the host.. hehe..comel gak Awal nie..there are 3 teams including us.. and we decided to name our team as REDAH!! sbb x leh letak nama omputih.. program tv1 babe... so no matter what we will just redah...heheh.. so meh nak story pasal 1st round of x-rel..
28 March 2007 (1st round)

we started at KL Central.. and the other teams are 'JANTANSSS' ok... we are the only female team... we got the first task..we have to go to PWTC and eat...guess what?? ni ala2 fear factor ok!! tengkuk ayam, tongkeng ayam, telur ikan, sotong katak yg kaler itam siap ink2 lagik!! yg hanya direbus ala2 sahaja ok.... there we gooo.. before that we've to x-change train at Masjid Jamek.. and we're not allowed to use escalator..only stairs.. mcm nk tecabut kaki aku!!.. eating time..haha.. telan,,telan dan telan.. sampai nak ku tahan!!.. after we finished the task..we got the 2nd task.. now we hv to go to tmn jaya station and run to ampcorp mall..buat kapal terbang kertas... aper lagik... lariiiii.. after we finished that task we got the 3rd we've to go to Central Market and search for Pn. Khalijah.. they only gave her name.. bayangkan arr.. meraban carik satu CM.. rupanya we've to sell packs of kerepek..kelam kelibut jual..luckily we sold them to kakak2 who ate at secret recipe..thank you kak!!! hehe.. then ran and ran to complete the last task.. we ran from CM to Masjid Jamek.. disitulah aku pancit dgn teroknyer!! huahah.. for ur guys info.. 3 teams compete giler baban.. till task 4.. we've to go to pasar dato' keramat and as usual searching for someone named shukri.. giler ker??pasar tu kan besar?..mcm org gila lagi skali mencari... at last we found en. shukri..jual roti canai ghopernyer.. we tried our best to beat the other teams during buat roti canai.. and alhamdulilah we finished making our very cute roti canai faster than them.. aper lagi... cabut...(finishing at station bandaraya, sogo) penat jgn ckp arrr.. mcm nk mati!!.. naik train, go to masjid jamek to change to STAR... giler nyer nervous masa nie.. anytime dorang leh sampai.. luckily the train came (the 2 teams were downstairs buying tickets okkk!!) and we won episode 5 n qualified to go to semifinal..... to be frank, we're so damn proud because we are the only female team qualified to go to semifinal.. there are all 9 teams.. (jgn pandang rendah kat pompuan okkk!!)

14th May 2007 (Semifinal)

as usual started at KL Central...the other 2 teams are all the macho2 men..encem2..gegarrr siott... the first task-go to singing shop at ampcorpmall-.. ran and ran.. first2 dah kantoi..ticket aku ilang!! boley?.. i think i didnt take it back.. i just insert the ticket..bodo tul aku.. tp ok kat tmn jaya station dorang lepaskan jer ktorang pegi... as we reached singing shop.. we were asked to choose one song (duet) and we've to practice with a professional vocal teacher.. then we've to perform in front of 3 judges, infront of all the participants, the cameraman, the directors..kepala hotak dia!! i never sing infront of people ok.. during practice the teacher always, ur pitching is out!! no, not high note..low note pls.. u cannot sing...u've to listen carefully with ur left ear... (kalo korang jadi aku, korang pressure tak??).. i feel down, down down....till i feel like 'what the f_ck is going on here??? this is not a singing contest,, i just wanna run and win this game..i dont wanna sing!! but whatever it is i must do it for our team.. sorry anny... hehe..the teacher asked us to changed to other from Jika-Melly we changed to Teman tapi Mesra - Ratu.. the simplest song (kata org tu lah) bagi aku susah gak!! i was so emotionally depressed.. we had fight (me and anny).. and i end up crying.. nangis sambil gaduh ok.. semua kat situ dah takut ngan kitorang.. cameraman plak x melepaskan peluang shoot muka aku yg cantikkkk ni tgh nangis!!! u guys jgn tak tgk nanti.. rugi!! bkn senang nk tgk aku nangis..huahahha...after the 2 teams finished singing (they are superb ok.. sedap giler..aku tak tipu) lagi ler memberi tekanan kat aku!!! siolll tul... then our turn came.. i sing like hell.. bodo giler.. the judges asked them to stop the music..and we need to practice again with our vocal teacher.. aku mcm buat muka ceria.. 'ok thank you'..malu malu... and team lain dah blah... penalty about 10-15 minutes.. huuhuu.. pas dah perform 2nd time baru we got 2nd task.. aku ngan anny x betegur.. buat hal masing2.. arghhh aku tension.. we went back to kl central and took komuter to go to kl station..we met 1 team at kl central.. yeayyy.. (ada chance) hehe.. kl komuter we were asked to finish 9 politerin full of watermelon.. logik ke?? pastu kene finish a cup per person limau diblend ngan kulit, asam jawa, halia..ntah aper haram lagi tah.. pelan2 kayuh.. dah kene tinggal lagi.. dorang dah blah.. 3rd task, we ve to go to Jln masjid india kena buat kalung bunga india kat stall kat sana.. to make it short.. we beat them during buat bunga.. lariiiii mcm org giler..tecicir our cameraman and team director.. we've to go from masjid jamek station to kelana jaya station and take feeder bus to cineleisure/the curve.. we left them yahoooo... sampai station feeder bus to x der bus nk jalan.. panic mcm pompuan giler.. anytime dorang sampai.. aper lagiiii..we asked the driver to go.. (u know girls have power in things like this..hehe)so sampai ler kat last task main saidina bapak nyer besar.. the rules are we've to buy lands, 4 houses and 1 hotel.. aku baling dadu anny begerak.. from tapak ke tapak.. after we bought 4 houses,, the 2 teams came.. arghh..ktorang jadik pompuan giler lagi.. tetekan!!! dah baling nyer baling.. rezki kami kot.. kami berjaya beli hotel kat tapak rumah tu... lariiiiii lagi carik finishing.. awal was ready waiting for us.. panik siot.. carik tak jumpa plak!! at last jumpa lahhhh.. Alhamdulilah.. we proved that we as women can take the challenged and we won..
we were qualified to go to the very last stage..FINAL... we've to beat men again.. final date is on the 11th June.. pray for us.. wish us luck.. we'll do our very best.. but we will not underestimate the other teams..we know that they are gud, they are just like us, full of spirits.. it's only luck and effort.. the final will be much challenging than before.. we've to be mentally n physically ready.. InsyaAllah..