Friday, March 31, 2006

sexy sexy sexy

haaa.. ni ler my sexy girl kashih.. masa ni birthday cousin dia.. actually on 27th March, tp sebab abah sofea kene outstation ke australia.. x sempat nak amik gambo sofea.. dok kecoh kan si kenit ni jer

kat umah abah & mama sofea

kasih with noin's junior ( sebaya, anak noin tua 3 hari jer) boy tau!! hehe

kasih with 'mama'.. hehe, dorang ni panggil my sis-in-law, mama & abah, panggil my bro-in-law 'ibu & ayah', panggil me and radie (pokcu & mokcu) kelaka kan?? so my kasih has to call them, mama, abah, ibu, ayah,... me (mama & papa).. so ada dua mama lerrr....

kasih with mama

kasih at "mama's" house

kasih with cousin syasya

yihaaaa.. look at my colourful 'necklace' hehe... it's my teether lah..

nice car huh?? a gift from my 'wan'... love to suck the rabbit's ears.. hahah..

ho ho hoooo

Announcing the arrival of Aisy Iman... (ayue & man junior)

As mai said, ayue dah selamat deliver her cute lil prince.. i was the first among friends yg dah visit ayue.. kebetulan mmg amik leave smlm coz nobody could take care of my kasih.. wan ngan atuk ada hal kat KL... n kebetulan my hubby was discharged from hukm on wednesday.. pegi2 nak visit radie, tgk2 dah siap2 nak kuar hospital.. apa daaa.. hehe, nsb papa kasih dah ok,, but still weak lah.. ni lah muka my cayang kat sepital ari tu..

mcm very critical kan?.. tp yes actually.. sian dia.. things just happened.. doctor gave him 10 days rest.. tu pon nk mintak lebih.. pastu the doc said, 'itu pon dah ckp bagus bagi 10 hari'.. hehe.. doctor tu mmg sempoi jer..

okler lets talk about my dear friend ayue plak.. the operation took about 45 minutes.. sian ayue.. dia kata sakit gak.. mmg ler.. mana ada bersalin tak sakit.. normal ker, operation ker.. janji semuanya selamat.. sakit tu sekejap jer tu.. ok?? jom tgk a few pics of Aisy Iman..

ayue and Aisy.. comey mcm ayue n man.. mata cepet gitu.. mcm Mak Tok pon ada gak..


cenyum ker nie? hehe

auntie filla nak nyebok leh ker?

okler,, to friends yg nak tgk gambo2 lain just click to my fotopages ok? byk lagi gambo2 Aisy.. to ayue get well soon.. ingat tau,, jgn tak pantang!! makan jaga!! hehe.. tataaa..

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

my hubby in HUKM

dont know what i feel right now.. a bit sad, bored, depressed, angry, worried... why my hubby?.. the doctor also dont know what is the reason, it just happened.. it's called 'spontanious pneumotorex'?? camtulah kot nama dia.. maybe radie is tall and skinny?? smoking?.. dont know..
last sunday i cooked tempura for him.. after that we went to klcc to meet k.tini n hubby.. in d car he said he felt a bit pain on his back.. i didnt bother, after we reached klcc, he walked so slow.. and he complained difficult to breath.. i started worried, at last we went home and drop by at d nearest clinic.. doc bagi oxygen.. tak kurang pon.. then asked my hubby to refer to the hospital if there's no improvement.
on monday morning, my hubby waked me up and asked me to send him to HUKM.. he couldnt stand anymore.. so i left my baby to my mom and sent my hubby.. wait for the x-ray result.. not long, the doc came to radie and explained to him.. his right lung become smaller (besar penumbuk jer), angin dah penuh, so what they can do is suck out angin tu so that the lung will expand as usual blk.. so they have to tebuk my hubby's chest!! ouchhh!!! whaeva... as long as he can get back his normal lung!! he has to be warded and they'll do it asap.. i was so exhausted, ran here and there, went to putrajaya to take the GL, went back to the hospital, went home and took his clothes, went back to the hospital.. aiyooo.. so tired!!.. finally dah buang that stupid angin.. but ada sikit lagi tinggal.. so the next day (tuesday) has to do it again.. uwaaa.. sian pa.... at night, in my room, when i look at kasih, i cant stand, feel like crying, but hold the tears.. i'm strong!!! miss u like crazy paaa.. uwa uwaaa...
today (wednesday) gtg to work.. i'll chao at 4.00 and go to hukm.. get well soon pa!!

Monday, March 20, 2006

kasih.. kasih..

dah lama tak update this blog.. well digital camera x beli lagi batterinyer.. aper nak borak yerk? my baby kasih ada new achievement.. hehe.. she can roll-over now.. huahah,, siannyer budak bucuk nie,, org lain dah lamer dah.. takper,, mama support dier.. uishh, mentang2 dah terror skrg, asyik nak golek jer.. suh tido pon boleh tegolek!! and talking bout her, she'll get so excited kalo meet up ngan cousin2 dia.. dont know what's in her mind?!.. menjerit2 sampai nak pecah anak tekak.. yg pelik, ngan budak lain dia ok.. naper tu?? padahal jumpa once a week jer.. kasih mmg ada gaya buli cousin2 dia yg dah beso2 tu.. kalo dia dpt rambut budak2 tu, hbs dia tarik kuat2.. hahah..
pastu wan belikan kasih buai!!!.. hehe, she said, dont care mama ngan papa kasih x bagi pon wan nak beli gak... mana tak nyer.. kasih skrg x nak tido sgt,, yerlah dah beso lah kononnyer.. hbs lah wan dier,, x leh wat keje langsung... memula naik buai mcm jakun.. nak bangun jer.. lelama ok.. hehe.. lantak lerrr.. janji happy...

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

cherating oh cherating

just went back from cherating.. ermmm.. we enjoyed the moment.. kasih pon sama.. bertolak kul 7.45 am.. stop at projet and met k.tinie.. then sambung lagi jalan.. stop at R&R (mana tah?).. wah,, highway utara-selatan gempak siott.. lawa ticket nyer.. i tought it's a touch n go card!! heheh..

this is the first check point, R&R kat mana tah?.. there are about 20 families yg join reunion ni kot? k.tinie with the kids..

kasih with papa

first day (friday), feel hungry so we planned to have late lunch here in d cafe.. wowwwiii.. the price is so damn expensive!! meletop,, kalah victoria station gitu.. kuey teow goreng rm13, nasi goreng rm15, laici rm11.. wattodo, makan jer,, nasi goreng 1, keey tewo 1, fresh orange 1, coke 1, semua sekali rm 54 mcm tu.. isk iskk.. skt ati tul!!!

haha,, mcm kura2 lah kasih.. aperlah papa wat adik cenggitu?dont care whats happening round me, just wanna sleeppp.. the trip just make me so tired!!

haha.. this is the moment that i'm waiting for.. swimming time.. so syok lah.. naked kasih in the pool!!.. this is the first time ever i got a chance to be in d swimming pool.. the feel is just the same when i was staying in my mama's tummy.. very warm..

dinner time (outside holiday villa)

me and mama, waiting for the food..

the next day was papa's turn.. mama just watching us..

kasih n mama at the beach for the games.. (no games for kasih)..hehe,, only for papa n mama.. and guess what happened?,, kasih yak2 when the games for all the mamas going to start.. hihi..papa has to wash me lah.. mama x concentrate on d game, dok pikir 'boley ker papa cuci?'

yahoo.. mama filla's team won!!! yes.. yes.. (hot mama) hehe,, yg group sebelah tu (jalak lentek) kuakua... -happy family-

i've been kissed by the mosquitos.. papa n mama should be blamed!! waaa hancor pipi cayang mama nie...

awek cherating... hehe guna belon

hungry.. hungry.. maggi time

the view from our room.. just about 5 steps to d swimming pool..

heheh.. si bulat bintik2 nie...

pilih kak, jgn malu jgn segan

malam 'tak kenal maka tak cinta' exchange presents..

my kasih mcm boy jer


good bye cherating

all the wifes/gf of Budak-Budak Gerai Sec. 2 Shah Alam (BBGS2)

time to say good bye

this is my hubby's first edition of mastika.. kua kua kua... that's why i'm so in love wif you,, and thats why i'm proud to be yours (coz u alwiz make stupid things!!!) but kinda creative lah konon... hehehe.. pekena bebudak tu... heheh...

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

-here we come cherating!!-

cant wait to go to cherating this friday.. it's been along time we havent go for holiday. so this is the right time to spend time with family.. and of course with kasih with us now, it will bring so so much happiness to us.. wanna take her for a walk at the beach(mcm dah blh jln pon!).. nak main kat swimming pool(pa should we bring the rubber duck?)..bag dah penuhlah.. byk giler brng..barang si kenit jer dah penuh!! there'll be bout 20 families kot.. x kisah ler.. it's called 'BBG Reunion'.. budak2 gerai sec.2 Shah Alam ler nie.. x kisahler, what's more important is i can rest&relax with kasih n ma beloved hubby.. :)... and we're so lucky because there are only 2 families who are entitled to stay in the connecting room.. kak tini and us got the room!! hahah we got it.. padan muker dorang, sumer jelesss.. kak tini is the one who is incharge on booking rooms and using her corporate rates in maxis.. so all d kids in one room and parents leh lepakinggg kat another room..i'll be on leave tomorrow (friday) and monday.. ll be back tuesday.. and ll upload many many more pics.. can ask them to snap our photos this time... leh amik gambo 3 org!! if not, mama+kasih, papa+kasih, kasih alone!! bosannn.. ok guyss.. tata... happy holiday!!! yahoooooo....