Tuesday, June 13, 2006


so many things to share..what a buzy weekend we had... :)..or :( .. i dont know..hehe.. saturday we went to putrajaya from ampang.. borrowed stairs from my friend.. paid Wan, jeeja's hubby to do all the wiring which i've no idea how to do it.. plus my hubby is not in that line actually!! heheh.. change the fan already...hehe.. finally we made it.. but the ceiling fans are gifts from hubby's friend as 'upah' for finishing his '3D animation' works.. we dont like the design and the colour (oopss sorry.. dont read my blog pls!!)..hehe..neway.. tq.. org dah bagi, byk lak cekadak.. so citernyer gini... dah siap pasang2, tukar2 apa yg patut,... while jeeja's hubby hang the dining lamp..jeng..jeng..jeng.. tetiba the dining lamp jatuh n hancur berkecai... huhukk.. am so damn tegezuttt..but buat2 cool..tp we comfort him.. cian tgk muka dia yg pucat n bersalah tu.. i said it's not our rezeki .. nak wat camno.. but so sayanglahhh.. love that lamp very very very much!!!.. if we bought it at ikea, it would b no prob at all.. we can just find another one.. tp ini beli kat kedai lampu yg bodo2 jer.. takut that is d only stock yg depa ada.. tp kutabahkan hati,, yesterday, after work, ajak my mom and angkut kasih, gi ler kat shop tu.. what a surprise!!! yesss.. ada!!!.. aper lagi, trs ambik.. i asked that uncle to pack for me, yg display pon display lah.. coz last stock.. hehehe... nanti bebila leh pasang.. yahoooooo... to Wan, pls dont feel guilty coz it's really your fault!!!!! hahahaha..x delah..
ok..pastu sunday morning.. mandikan kasih.. susu,, tido... then siap2 to attend a wedding at shah alam.. didnt watch AF.. boring dah AF nie.. pastu lepak2 ptg gi visit monkeys at sec 9.. hehe.. bestnyer manja jer monkey nie.... hehehe.. at 7 pm went to papa's office to print the drawing.. dlm kete kasih pengsan!!!.. berdengkur gitu....

kasih main buai kat umah wan ampang..

yeayyyy goleo

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