Thursday, December 01, 2005

kasih's birth marks

kasih is 2 months
i'm growing up mama!..ooohh that fast?..she's now 5.4kg.. naik lenguh dukung kenit nie.. Alhamdulilah kasih x penah demam biler kene inject.. kuat anak mama nie?!.. i'm thinking of no.3.. i believed that '3' is our lucky number.. kasih was born on 30th, papa kasih 13th, mama kasih 3rd, mama, pak long and busu..(there are 3 of us), papa too, wan's house is no.3, what else? hmm.. kebetulan kot.. mama has 2 learn how to sing lah cayang.. sowiii.. i cant sing at all.. nsb papa pandai.. kasih ni anak papa..bila ngan papa je, menggeletik2 dia..hehe..shiann kat mama..hukhuk.. right after kasih was born, me and radie try to find 'something' on kasih.. at last we found out that kasih has a birth mark... btl2 kat area betis tu..auwww.. takperlah cayang, kalo ilang senang nak kenal dia..heheh.. meh kita tgk birth mark dia..oopss x leh upload..takpe..upload later lah..

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...$weE+ 666... said...

kalau lucky number filla '3', mine was '2'... fenriz was born on 22 january, babah on 21 november & mama on 2nd november... kebetulan plak kan... ;p